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Contract Manufacturing

Why Use Axcentria?

When you partner with Axcentria for contract manufacturing, you don’t just get an end product.      You can expect an engaged team of professionals whose focus is all about manufacturing superior products while creating an exceptional customer experience for you.

Our approach provides a single point of accountability, including an internal advocate who monitor and lead  all stages of the on-boarding cycle:

  • Establishing the Materials Sourcing Plan and supplier network
  • Customizing the Technical Services required:
    • Flavor Development
    • Analytical Testing
    • Process Methodology Development
    • Validation
  • Coordinating Package and Label Design and insuring printing is to your specifications

For every step of the process you remain in control as Axcentria personnel will your input and approval is required.  Communications, whether by e-mail or conference calls will be scheduled to satisfy your expectations.

Small batches. Private label, Name brand. OTC or Rx pharmaceutical. Clinical trials, New product introduction. Whether your product falls in the realm of Supplements, Energy drinks, or e-liquids, we have the expertise and the facility to become your go-to contract manufacturer.

If you are not experiencing the level of account management or product quality you expect, click here to view our Contract Services in more detail.

Or contact our Business Development team now to discuss how Axcentria can help you bring your product to market.

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